The Jessa Project / 'Days Without Dates' join the team NOW!

On April 19th, JESSA and The National Performing Arts Funding Exchange launched the unique JessaProject two-continent crowdfunding campaign for the extraordinary multi-media live stage play Days Without Dates. 
Today, you have a special opportunity to join the 50 generous JessaProject backers and build on the $7000-plus dollars they have already committed to bring this amazing production to life on stage in Europe and the United States. 
Becoming a JessaProject grassroots supporter is easy:

There, you will discover how, as a JessaProject backer, you will be honored for much more than “just” making the 2017-18 Days Without Dates international tour possible, a major achievement in its own right. For, you will actually be joining the growing global movement of individuals who recognize the power of storytelling as the most potent weapon there is for people to help heal victims and nations wounded by conflict and war.